Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tips to Select the Right Liquid Pump Based on Your Application

Liquid PumpWhat’s common between applications such as sprinkling pesticides on a large farm, powering a hydraulic press, circulating water in cooling or heating systems, or transferring condensate to a different container? As varied as these operations may seem, and while they all need to make use of a liquid pumpto move fluids, there are major differences in the types of pumps used..High Pressure applications often require the use of a special type of pump. At High Pressure Technologies, LLC., we provide a wide range of Maximator air-driven high pressure liquid pumps to fulfill several commercial and industrial requirements.

High Pressure Technologies is a leading distributor of Maximator and Maxpro products such as Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Air Amplifiers, and Gas Boosters.

In this blog, we shall take a look at the various Maximator liquid pump product lines and their applications:
  • Oil or oil-water mixture service pumps: This comprises series PPO, S, and S-D pumps. We recommend these pumps for enabling operations that need fluid power such as in bolt tensioning, and in the powering of clamps, jacks and presses. They’re best suited for use with applications requiring pressures up to 14,500psi.

  • Water or oil service pumps: For water or oil operations, the series PP and L series pumps from Maximator are most appropriate. Use PP pumps for pressures up to 58,000psi and the L pump series for pressures up to 60,000psi. The PP series also comes with a Hand lever option. There is also the GX series for pressures up to 15,000 psi but where higher flow rates are required. Our customers use these pumps for hydrostatic testing, leak testing, and in emergency shutdown systems for oil/gas wells, and much more.

  • Chemical service pumps: This category of pumps comprises the widest product offering. For handling chemicals, we recommend the use of series PPSF and LSF pumps that are fitted with PTFE seals that aren’t affected by many reactive or corrosive chemicals. The PPSF pumps are used for pressures up to 14,500psi and the LSF for pressures to 23,200psi.

  • To learn more about liquid pump models and how they can make your operations more economical and optimal, consult with High Pressure Tech engineers at www.highpressuretech.com.
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